Conservation Program Details

The Tittabawassee River Conservation Program offers payment to qualifying land owners who have property within the eight-year floodplain and whose land will be evaluated for cleanup. The intent of the Conservation Program is to facilitate cleanup activities where required and to preserve the natural features of the river and floodplain.

The same payment for participation in the program will be offered to all property owner(s) who have qualifying property. The payment for each qualifying acre in the eight-year flood plain is also the same for all properties.

As part of the Conservation Program, each property owner will have the option to sign a Conservation Covenant.

For more information about the Conservation Program, review the Program Manual.

Conservation Covenant

A Conservation Covenant is a land preservation and conservation agreement that is recorded with the Register of Deeds as a permanent part of your property records. In the Conservation Covenant, the property owner agrees to keep currently unmaintained areas in a natural state, and, if the property owner chooses, to increase the amount of unmaintained conservation areas on the property. This will help preserve and promote the natural beauty of the river and the natural environment in the floodplain. The Conservation Covenant allows the owner to keep using all maintained areas as they are currently being used. The Conservation Covenant also provides access to the property for sampling, to implement and maintain the cleanup and for periodic monitoring, if needed.

The Covenant:

  • Offers the property owner a payment for participation.
  • Provides access to floodplain properties for sampling, implementing and maintaining the cleanup, and for periodic monitoring, if needed.
  • Prohibits the presence of poultry and livestock on the floodplain.

About the Compensation

Each property owner will be compensated for participation and for every acre within the eight-year floodplain that is part of the program. Each property owner will be offered the same compensation amount for participation and for each acre of land included in the eight-year floodplain. Differences in compensation are because of different sizes of land holding.